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Heyden Adama is a Sierra Leonean- American singer, songwriter, actress, fashion designer, model and blogger.  


She was born December 9th 1989 in Lunsar, Sierra Leone. 


Heyden was adopted at age 10 and relocated to America when she was 12. She returned to Sierra Leone when she was 18 years old to reconnect with her native land. During this visit, Heyden garnered much positive attention and anticipation for her music debut.  


Heyden began recording music, which was critically acclaimed, and helped build her ever-growing mass of faithful followers and fans. Heyden continued to record successful music from this point onwards, establishing her as a successful recording artist and allowing her to dedicate this next stage of her life to building and pursuing her career in music. 

Heyden Amistad Color Gel-4.jpg

Her first hit single was called “fit en gbet” and created a lot of buzz for the upcoming artist in Sierra Leone and internationally. Heyden then released another song called “Love is Blind” independently, before being approached and signing a recording deal with Box productions. Heyden had multiple hits whilst with the record label, including “Nobody”, “Forgive Me” and, “U na mi yone”. “Nobody” is Heyen’s biggest recording success to date, establishing the artist as a household name in her native Sierra Leone

After leaving her label, Heyden created her own self-titled label; Heyden Records. Hits under her label include, “This Kind Love”, “Love you”, “Temne Song” and “Kele kele”. 

Heyden has collaborated with various other successful artists including Emmerson, Heaven Jay and Shadow Boxxer.

Heyden is fiercely intent on overcoming the oppression of toxic masculinity in the music industry. It is important for her to have full control of her own narrative as a female and artist.


In 2015, she decided to leave her record label and created her own self-titled label; Heyden Records. 


Hits under her own label include, “This Kind Love”, “Love you”, “Temne Song” and “Kele kele”.  


Heyden is a talented songwriter and has writing credits on most of her released music.


Heyden has faced multiple challenges throughout her life and as an artist and continues to transform her struggles into art, creating and funding the majority of her content independently.  

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Heyden is also a sought-after model and brand ambassador. She has modelled and created promotional content for various businesses and brands including Africell, Vivid Emporium, Pangea, OK beauty and Airtel. She was also the face for Airtel’s first ever campaign across Sierra Leone. Heyden is a successful blogger and has recently created a series of blogs promoting key tourist attractions in her much loved Sierra Leone.  

In 2016, Heyden launched her own fashion label called “Phinor-Couturier”. Her collections are heavily African-inspired and are hugely successful; being sold in malls and boutiques across the United States.  

Heyden Adama is a force in the performance and entertainment industry and her star has barely begun to rise…. 


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